Our Mission

Improve economic opportunities and Eliminate Poverty in Latino Communities thru Entrepreneurship.

The Board of Directors Coaching Podcast

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Poverty among Latinos

Do you know how most Latinos live in Coachella Valley?

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 73% of CV Latino Children are living in Households at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Line

Hispanics represent over 50% of the Coachella Valley population.(2010 Census). Minorities are one of the most affected populations in the US. With COVID-19 arrival, things are getting harder for Small and Micro Businesses. Now more than ever, Latino Entrepreneurs need help, assistance and support to keep businesses doors open and profitable. We have full families working full time and still living in poverty. So many limitations and little hope is to live in poverty. Breaking the Poverty Cycle can be challenging but it is Possible.

Children among th most affected in Poverty

What Can We Do to Help with the Needs of Hispanic Communities?

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  • We believe a person can build their way out from limits and poverty with a success business.
  • Lets Help Hispanics to Succeed in Business and Life.
  • Support Latinos to become Profitable Business Owners in their Communities.

We are a BRIDGE to connect Business Resources and Latino ENTREPRENEURS

Our New Programs

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This summer 2020 we are launching our new Podcast! After 8 years of live seminars and with COVID-19 around us, we decided to stream or content online. Podcast one of the most practical ways to share educational content to remote areas such as rural areas.

We will have a Interview Poscast model to have ulimited guest to share their business expertise… in Spanish.

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It’s very common that Latinos have a lack of awareness about business center and business opportunities across the country. We need to improve our efforts to ensure Latino Entrepreneurs take advantage of all available help to assist their businesses. 

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One of the biggest challenges Latino have at any stage or any business size is going online. Latino culture needs a digital boost to properly adapt to new technologies and online opportunities to expand their business reach online.,

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We are a proud partner of Small Business Majority. They have developed a great websites that display resources national wide for capital and business support.



I was so lost when I started my own business. I had so many questions and just a few clients to do residential cleaning. After a couple years of seminars, consulting and action, I am a proud minority woman business owner. Thank you Armando and Volunteers.

America Lopez

Owner, Cleen LLC

I have been a business owner for some years now. I wanted my business to continue to grow but I had no idea how to do marketing or website. Their Technical Asistance program make life easier for business owners with little or no computer and software skills.

Cathedral City

Owner, Salon

As a realtor, you are always independent and open to new ideas to improve your business. Taking free consulting and free seminars has been a game changer for my business.

Mila Mendoza

Real Estate, Houses by Mila

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